Consulting & IT-Development

We provide a full customized service and IT development to our customers and accompany our partner and optimize process of the company to achieve the aims of every single employee.


SME & Inspection

We have a network of Subject Matter Experts to investigate and make the required inspections of products and tools in based on customer's specifications...


ISO Standards and Certifications

We develop and help you to follow the International Standards. ISO Certificates help your team to follow the requirments to keep you on your successful way.

Our Training and certification services It counts!

You are not alone! International quality standards and requested compliance requires high levels of knowhow and processes to be used on a daily basis by your employees. Our customized training helps every member in your company to fulfill these requirements. Our selection of courses to desire your requests and to close the gaps helped in the past 9 years our customers worldwide.

Our Services in overview

We support you in the sectors of petroleum, gas, financial, IT development, International Training, ...

ISO Certifications

We help you bringing your employees to the next required level



We make inspections for trucks, containsers, pipes,...


Project Management

We can manage your projects from the first step



HR Planning, Training and Consulting


Air Training

We provide through our partners the important operational and business courses of airports managments and for airlines


Air & Ground Evacuation

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We Think About The Consumer

We help our customers to bring needed products to the market


IT- & Web-Development

We are IT Experts with years of experience in web development, web design and programming.

Latest Projects

Consulting. IT develpoment, Training, ISO Certificates, etc...

We help our customers to integrate technology, scale and desirability without compromise